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One of the great benefits is having a responsive team of developers at Late Night to help with continued support. What a joy it is to work with a small, independent software developer who is responsive to feature requests and suggested improvements. It is such a contrast to a behemoth corporation in which we are subjected to constant change for little or no apparent benefit.

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In short, having an editing environment for a small yet powerful language like AppleScript seems like a miracle—for over 20 years now. Well, it almost goes without saying that, from its very name, more than half of its value as an app comes from its Debug mode and functionality! Thank you to all for making and keeping Script Debugger such a helpful, reliable, and dependable application! Experience AppleScript Made Easy.

Compare Versions. Before you begin scripting, discover the information and commands that your applications offer.

Use the Explorer to experiment with applications, explore their data and manipulate it to see how the application responds. This power is not limited to a specific screen.

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When you create and debug your script, the Explorer remains available and continues to show data information as you work. Read more. Insert tell blocks for applications and objects or properties. Script Debugger helps you by intelligently inserting a broad range of commonly-used code segments. These features are specifically designed for the peculiarities of the AppleScript language.

As you create, test your scripts to make sure they behave as expected. Script Debugger can run a script in an analytical mode that tracks your variables and their values, making it easy to isolate and fix specific problems when things go wrong.

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Use breakpoints to pause your code at key points. With Script Debugger, you never have to guess about what is happening as your script runs.

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Easily package scripts for your clients and colleagues. Script Debugger checks for common errors when packaging scripts, and it makes distributing scripts to others amazingly simple. Script Debugger anticipates problems by telling you instantly what applications, scripting additions, libraries and frameworks are needed in order to run your script successfully. Why AppleScript? What Is Script Debugger? Dictionary Explorer. The Dictionary Explorer lets you see directly into the live data within any scriptable application.

Script Debugger shows it to you visually and lets you interact with the application without having to write a line of AppleScript. Step-Wise Debugging.

Opening Unity scripts in Visual Studio for Mac

The best way to see what your script is doing and to find bugs quickly. Execute scripts line-by-line to see exactly how they are executing. Set breakpoints to pause a script at key points. Script Debugger shows you the result of each and every statement as you go and the value of every variable in your script. There is no better way to see exactly what your code is doing.

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Profile Bookmarks Collections Sign out. Opening Unity scripts in Visual Studio for Mac Once Visual Studio for Mac is set as the external script editor for Unity , opening any script from the Unity editor will automatically launch or switch to Visual Studio for Mac, with the chosen script open.

To use IntelliSense for Unity messages: Place the cursor on a new line inside the body of a class that derives from MonoBehaviour. Begin typing the name of a Unity message, such as OnTriggerEnter. The selection on the list can be changed in three ways: With the Up and Down arrow keys. By clicking with the mouse on the desired item. By continuing to type the name of the desired item.

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IntelliSense can insert the selected Unity message, including any necessary parameters: By pressing Tab. By pressing Return. By double-clicking the selected item. Adding new Unity files and folders While you can always add new files to a Unity project in the Unity editor, Visual Studio for Mac allows for easily creating new Unity scripts, shaders, structs, enums, and folders from within Visual Studio. These additions are reflected in the Project window of the Unity editor. To rename a file or folder right-click on the item to rename in the Solution pad and select Rename From these improvements, more and more developers find business opportunities and engage in designing apps for Mac.

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However, due to the distinctiveness of Mac OS X, its uninstallation can be quite distinctive to former Windows users, who might need a bit more operating system knowledge instead of simply dropping an app down the Trash. So, how should we correctly, completely remove Script Debugger 5.

To spare yourself the unsafe elements, you might as well try out a professional third-part tool, like MacRemover -- a small-sized but powerful Mac App uninstaller that supports the One Click Remove feature. This is a website for long-term research on Mac App removal technologies.

Step 2: Check whether Script Debugger 5.