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Click Done to close the Restore sheet. When you use the Restore function, both the destination and the source must be able to be unmounted. Instead, you can start your Mac from another volume that contains a bootable version of the Mac OS. This can be any volume attached to your Mac, including a USB flash drive, an external , or in the example we will use, the Recovery HD volume. Once you've booted from the Recovery Volume and used the step-by-step guide to launch Disk Utility, return here and use the Restore a Non-Startup Volume guide, above, starting at step two.

You may have noticed over the years that I've recommended cloning apps, such as Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper , for creating bootable clones as part of a backup system. So if cloning apps are better, why use Disk Utility instead? The reasons can be many, not the least of which are the simple facts that Disk Utility is free, and included with every copy of the Mac OS.

Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. For anyone who is serious about having a true backup utility which can save your bacon when you need it most.

Rip Copy-Protected DVDs with Free Software for Windows 10, Mac OS X or Linux

THIS is the program to get. Online reviews don't do it justice; they really don't.

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People here who give it low ratings don't know what they're talking about. I have over 40 years experience with computers, so I know a good program when I see one. But this is the real deal. Was this review helpful? Reply to this review Read reply 1. This program is worth twice it's price, IMHO. Just because it used to be free doesn't mean it's not worth paying for. Don't waste your money on SuperDuper to save ten bucks, because it's clearly inferior in too many ways.

FYI, I have nothing to gain by saying any of this. I'm not the developer of CCC, don't know him, and get nothing for my comments. It's just that I recognize this program for what it is: But they charge you through the nose. No sympathy from email complaints, either.

Disk Utility's Restore Function Lets you Create a Bootable Clone

Don't do it. Find other software with a respectable pricing belief system. I'm going to try ChronoSync, myself, they give you a 30 day trial period and free upgrades for life. But no matter what, I will never go back to CCC, even if I have to manually transfer all my files by hand. The developer must have spent a huge amount of effort creating this product, and giving it away for free built a big following. IMO, all users should receive a free upgrade within a year, just because it's the right thing to do to keep them happy.

When and why do you need to clone/copy a hard drive to another

Although I totally understand wanting to be reimbursed for years of hard work, alienating paying customers is not the right way to do it. I could have waited for the next macOS to debut so I could get a compatible version for my initial investment, but this program was too good for me to delay buying any longer, so I bit the bullet rather than wait. I'm just sick of Time Machine screwing up, and I won't settle or second-best.

Make your bootable backup today!

Bombich are asking for money to upgrade to the current version just 5 months and 11 days after I bought it. The version I bought in April will not run on my laptop so after just 5 months I am being forced into another purchase. Me too, I'm so frustrated. I asked on a board I'm on, and I'm going to try ChronoSync. No, I don't work for them.

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I'm done with CCC. The new version works perfectly fine. It puts a convenient icon in the menu bar. The old version works perfectly fine also. I prefer the old version because I do several concurrent backups and I can see all the progress bars at the same time. Unless there is something technically wrong with Ver.

This program can clone your source drive, including the OS. If your computer dies hard, you can take your external backup drive and connect it to another Mac with a compatible OS, and in System Preferences, Startup Disk, select and confirm your external drive as the boot drive, hit restart, and presto!

You are up and running! Everything is there! A total disaster to up and running in just minutes! What other backup setup does that?

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  • In addition, you have a lot of options on how to set it up, daily, weekly, monthly. It will remind you if your drive is turned off. Just turn on your drive when the reminder window appears, and it takes care of the rest. You can even select to have CCC automatically unmount your backup drive when the backup is complete. Let me know if you find any significant cons, because I can't really think of any. The author is dedicated and responsive, and has regularly updated and improved this software.

    If you want a setup that puts you back where you were faster than anything else out there, this is it. The ability of being able to boot on your CCC backup is just phenomenal. You can't boot on a Time Machine backup. Simple and clean. Also a great way to do back up work. Support is excellent. I had a specific question for them and they were exceptionally responsive and helpful.

    I have not needed to use Carbon Copy Cloner often. But when I did, it was a very useful and valuable piece of software. Bottom line, it saves me time. And to me, not much is more valuable than my time.