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Jun It's Not What You Say The Best of Mac Dre Feb Thizzelle Washington Oct Treal TV Soundtrack May Heart of a Gangsta, Mind of a Hustla Jul Al Boo Boo Nov Grown Sh! Ronald Dregan: Dreganomics Jul The Genie of the Lamp Jul The Game Is Thick, Vol. The Appearances Nov Mac Dre's the Name Mar Open Mar Do You Remember? Apr Back 'N Da Hood May Money Iz Motive Jun Welcome to Thizz World Aug Thizz Nation, Vol.

The Best of Mac Dre, Vol. Uncut Apr Treal TV, Vol.

Mac Dre - Cal Bear lyrics

Open [Explicit] U. Mac Dre Presents Y. The Thizz Kid Oct Alaska 2 tha Bay Oct I'm hard to get with, pimperistic I want your lipstick on top of my dick tip I'm from the V-A double L E-J O and you know ho, the things that we say Are simple and plain, nothing but game And if you ain't up on it Mac Dre is the name I want a fat ass joint of that potent zesty And a thick chocolate bitch whose name is Nestle From the C-R-E-S-T, 'cause that's where the best be Suckas get jealous and they try to test me So I carry a nine all the time Dope raps I rhyme, this is how I grind Making stacks of cash, down to wax that ass A nigga ready to blast a muthafucka real fast Dickin' the ho's, never lickin' the ho's Big black dick is what I stick in the ho's I shake 'em, I break 'em, but never will I take 'em To eat hamburgers let alone some steak and Lobster, 'cause baby I'm a mobster You tell your friends how I robbed ya.

Mac Dre California Bear

I don't fuck with it if it don't bear the stamp I'm thizzlamic the genie of the lamp I can go fifteen rounds with the champ And bother a bitch, like some cramps Put some clamps on your girl before I take her And then make her a good money maker She got the drapers and that's worse than the vapors She lick my dick like some zig zag papers I'm Samuel and Denzel in one body And Bumpy Face Johnson, I'll kill somebody Pop pills when I party, white Madusas And no one can goose her, like I can goose her I'm the genie of the lamp, the golden child Being the virgin now, drinkin'? Nigga now, I got my own style If you put my shoes on, you wouldn't last a mile.

I ride around town in my clean ass Benz Range Rov, coughnut on some clean ass rims Hot like Ted Turner, I pack the lead burner Spit it, to get it, can't quit it I'm a bread earner ch-ching Post up at the 5-star telly, Dre touch mo' bread Than a motherfuckin' deli Young rich nigga, 20 inch nigga, P-I-M-P It's all on a bitch nigga I've been gettin' scrill, diamonds in my grill Rep the pill, and boy do I keep it trill Showoff, that'll go off on a blade Kill like Raid and stay gon' off made Do what the fuck wanna, got bitches on the corner Not just a thizz user, I'm a thizz owner Sometimes I thizz, sometimes I shroom But whatever I do, I'm a stay a Tycoon.

Antny Well-Known Member. Bitch asked me to go with her to grocery shop,Told her straight up like this No sirry bob,thats not my job I dont do that Ima pimp slash rapper i thought u knew that. Kodank Moment Well-Known Member. Then we can catch the Liquor store before 2 We can hit my nigga and go get some shrooms And if you still want to kick it we can go get a room It won't cost you much I'm a good buy Dick-on-discount bitch good bye what I look like mr. Fuck dre,Pacs where its at.

ThatGuy Well-Known Member. No reason to be gettin on Dr Dre. His album is the most anticipated rap album ever if it ever does come out. Doing a lot better then selling out like Diddy or whatever the kids are calling him these days, and lets face it Flavor Flav was a way better hype man then Puffy But Mac Dre is where its at: I'm a west coast bad boy i represent hey thats a bad touch is it rented hardy har har very funny you don't hear my tummy I gets my money my stomach ain't growling I'm stylin and wowling drinking vodka straight fuck a long island I want my own island, you betcha im going get it I switch hit and play with both mits pack the fo fifth I'm after your bitch he ain't doing it right shes after your scritch and I'm after hers, with the macking words ner I thought squares stayed sharp your nothing but a mark in the bucket skylark I'm playing my part, I'm mr furly quit interrupting I'm talking to your girly.

Thizz Nation 7 G Treal T. Soundtrack Well Connected. My Chevy Open They Ask For It.

Mac Dre Lyrics

Judge Dre Mathis Toys. The adventures of Al Boo Boo.

Money Iz Motive Paper. Super Sic Wit It. U R My Angel. Super Saucy. Throwed Off. Who Wit Me. No Way Jose. Keep It Step in the Club. Obsession No Es Amor Remix. Step In Da Club. Blood N My Hair. Eyes of a Child.

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Enter Heaven Thru The Backdoor. Ceasar Enrico. My Wishes. Ronald Dregan: Dreganomics Feelin Myself. Jump It. Me Damac. On The Run. Get Stupid. Punk Police. Got Me Crazy. Leave Me Alone. Get Loud. Cutthoat Soup. Retro Dance Record.

California Bear Lyrics

Cal Bear. Same Hood. Genie of the Lamp She Neva Seen. Early Retirement. Out There. My Alphabets. Err Thang. Non Discriminant. Hear Me Now? Not My Job. Hotel, Motel. Make You Mine. Bonus Track Song 4 U. Genie of the Lamp. The Pain. Millionaire Gangsta. Dipped When You See Me.

NOT MY JOB - Mac Dre -

Lame Saturated. All I Want To Do. Something You Should Know.

Morals and Standards. Can You Shout.