Find out how much space on mac

Then look in the Files app for other documents to clear out.

Find out how much space is on your Mac

Yeah, maybe I will do a video on this. Fantastic video. My MacBook Air, was unbelievably slow — found com. I unchecked iCloud Drive in preferences as I only use this Mac for email and internet. Now cache is less than 1gb and speed is much improved. Thank you. Once again thanks for the info.

How to check your Mac’s free hard drive space

My MacBook Pro had no room for the recent update. It was my many podcasts.

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I intend to review your online course to see what I did wrong. Hi Gary, You mention how to delete on iTunes your old backups from devices when you open it from finder are you able to drag and drop ones you want to keep before deleted the back up? This was very helpful never knew you could open the files that way on your Mac. I am sharing this with my son just graduated from college in IT couple weeks ago!

Look at them and decide if you need them anymore. For instance, if you downloaded PDF to read it, then are you done with it? Otherwise move it somewhere like your Documents folder. All Rights Reserved. If you need to clear off space from your Mac's hard drive, there are some places you should look first.

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  • How to check your Mac’s free hard drive space.
  • How to check storage space on a Mac.
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You may have some old iPhone backups, installers, or other downloaded files. You can easily see which apps and files take up the most space and get rid of things you no longer need. Applications store support files and caches in your Library folder, but they may not have been cleaned up when you uninstalled the app. Gary Rosenzweig. Marcia Karon.

Disk space decluttering apps for Mac

Hi Gary, sorry. The Store in iCloud feature automatically backs up all the data from your Desktop and Documents folders, and only stores the most recent files locally. When needed, you can download the old files with the press of a button. But for most users, enabling this feature can free up a good amount of storage space. To enable it, open the Storage Management screen, and click on Store in iCloud button from the Recommendations section. The manual cleanup method is effective I was able to delete more than 30GB using the steps outlined above , but doing it repeatedly becomes time-consuming.

How to check storage on Mac and optimize it

Thankfully, certain apps can help simplify some of these steps and automate Mac maintenance. CleanMyMac X is an all-in-one utility to keep your Mac in top shape. It helps you delete cache files, temporary files, and applications. It has an intelligent file browser that will help you get rid of old and unused files as well.

Gemini 2 finds duplicate files on your Mac and helps you get rid of them. Here are some of our favorite apps from the package.

Try implementing some of these small but useful changes to save you a few minutes. Find out how to put the Dock on the right edge, use Stacks to organize your desktop, and start using Spaces for a more organized desktop space. Your email address will not be published. Very useful article!

How to Clean Up Your Mac the Easy Way

However, it is still a little complicated for me, a novice of computer. It did take me a long time to operate and I don't know if there is any easier method or tool to recommend. The best trick that I've learned to save space on my Mac is to redirect the BackUp directory. If you have several Apple devices, the backup directory can increase dramatically. I created a backup directory on an external drive and made a link pointed from the default system backup to the external drive.

You need to have connected the external drive for backup and restore tasks. Launch the software to scan the device where your files deleted Step 2: Preview the scan result files and make mark if it is the one you find Step 3: Recover files. I think duplicate files and unused language files in apps are both huge space-hoggers, and I personally like to use the app MacClean to get rid of them and to clean caches or temp files.

It's free and gathers basically all the cleaning tools in one app. I'm getting ready to download onto a GB Flash drive, all my files from my '07 iMac to sell it with the original discs that came with it Question: My hard drive has several apps-GarageBand,iMovie, etc. If you are moving to a Windows computer, then no it doesn't make sense. GarageBand and iMovie are Apple products. One very helpful tip that you didn't include was removing unused OSX Language resources, using a tool such as Xslimmer or Monolingual. Almost all mac applications includes language resources so that they can be used in other languages, but you can safely remove the languages that you don't use without affecting the app's function, and save hundreds of MB of space easily.

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